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Public Speaking

T.S. Grant is a trained, seasoned public speaker available for professional/ upscale engagements. He has no canned speeches, stays current and does the research to make each speech relevant and relatable to each audience. He's not just a speaker; he's an educator. He is very selective, regarding the events at which he'll speak.

  • Area of Expertise: Urban Education, Teaching, Leadership, Motivation & Self-Improvement
  • Limited Engagements for the following: Conferences, Commencements & Seminars
  • Book for the following: Keynote Speaker, Master of Ceremonies, Moderator, Recitation (Constitution, 2012)

Evolution of T.S. Grant as a Speaker

T.S. Grant has been a professional public speaker since 1989, beginning while in the United State Air Force as an Emcee, where he won 1st Place Master of Ceremonies in the A.F European Talent Contest. He learned flexibility when he was picked to be part of a comedy duo, that toured Europe on a singing tour, providing comic relief. He learned timing when hired as a stand-up comic, performing at military bases in Germany. Upon military discharge, he move to New York City and tried his hand as a stand-up comic and began training as an actor.

He entered the Herbert Bergdoff Acting Studio, and learned scene study and how to use context and ancient text to communicate with an audience. Not long after, he was acting on stage in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

During the same time T.S. Grant was learning about classical texts such as Shakespeare, Ibsen, Moliere and Chekov, he was studying an even more ancient text--the Bible.
He cut his acting pursuits short when he was invited into the ministry. He was quickly entrusted with a church and in no time was a sought-after speaker in the Tri-State area, including a speaking engagement in Jamaica, West Indies. It was in the ministry where T.S. Grant fused his oratorical training and passion for the religion where he twice studied and memorized a book in the bible so he can "preach" it from memory from the pulpit. Those books were 2nd Timothy and Galatians.

While in the ministry, T.S. did not abandon his comedic-acting talent. He performed charitably, everywhere from the east coast to the west, from Johannesburg, South Africa to Jamaica, West Indies, doing a revised version of his comedy/variety act familiar to Europeans and North Americans alike.

After five years in the ministry, T.S. decided to enroll in college as a full-time student. Even in college, he was asked to speak at the Malcolm-King breakfast, an honor for any student, especially an African American student. He was elected President of Phi Eta Sigma and gave speeches regularly.

After college, T.S. moved to Maryland and began teaching. Even as a full-time high school American Government teacher, T.S. was still called to officiate weddings, speak at commencements, conferences, and act as moderator and panelist for a variety of events. After publishing his book, T.S. Grant began speaking at book signings at small independent bookstores and large chains like Barnes & Nobles.

The most impressive blend of his oratorical talent, passion, education and professional standard is when he recites the United States Constitution--from memory! He loves to recite this close to 8,000 word document, which takes a little over an hour, for impressionable, intellectual and appreciating audiences. On Constitution Day, 17 September, 2007, T.S. Grant recited the United States Constitution at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA--the birthplace of the Constitution, celebrating the 220th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution. Read the story on the biography page.

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